Many people use maltodextrin as, thickener, filler or preservative or filler in the processed foods. It is an artificial white powder derived from starch. It is made from rice, corn, wheat and starch. It is obtained from natural foods, but it is highly processed. This compound is used as a carbohydrate supplement in particular by the bodybuilders and athletes.

It helps them in boosting their energy levels after the intensive workouts. However, there are some dangers associated with this product such as spiking the blood sugar in the body. It is also known for affecting the functionality of the various body organs and systems leading to allergic reactions.

These are the dangers of maltodextrin

Raises blood sugar in the body

Its high glycemic index causes a pike in the blood sugar which could be dangerous for those individuals suffering from diabetics or insulin resistance. In fact, its glycemic index is higher than that of the table sugar. It ranges from 106-136 while that of sugar is 65. This carbohydrate is easily absorbed into the bloodstream and stored as fat if the

energy is not utilized. The other carbohydrates obtained from whole grains are usually broken down slowly and then absorbed. Their slow breakdown and absorption help you to remain full and feel energized for an extended period.

Suppressing the growth process of probiotics

Maltodextrin alters the composition of the gut bacteria by affecting the growth process of the beneficial probiotics. Polysaccharides such as maltodextrin are linked with bacteria which cause intestinal disorders. Research has also proven that increased consumption of such polysaccharides is linked with increasing incidences of metabolic diseases like the Crohn’s disease. This product is also known for impairing cellular antibacterial responses as well as suppressing te intestinal antimicrobial defense system leading to inflammatory disease.

Causes allergic reactions

A studgghcvbjhgfy that was conducted in 2013 revealed that high consumption of maltodextrin causes gastrointestinal symptoms like diarrhea and gurgling sounds. It also leads to allergic reactions such as cramping, skin irritations and bloating. Individuals with severe allergies are advised to avoid foods which contain this ingredient.

Has no nutritional value

This product is highly processed making it devoid of the major nutrients. It only contains some little carbohydrates. You should pick foods with some nutritional value as binders and sweeteners. If you love eating the processed or packaged foods, then you might have consumed maltodextrin.

You should stick to the natural sweeteners which help in adding flavor to food. They also assist in restoring glycogen and glucose levels in the body. The natural sweeteners include honey, stevia, gar gum, dates, and pectin. They are healthier and have a wide range of nutrients.