With the knowledge that synthetic urine exists, the drug test companies have evolved and devised stricter measures to curb this trick. This has made it harder to use fake pee than before. However, with the right tips in your hands, it is still possible to get away with it. So, this article will enlighten you on how to get away with it. All you need to do is to remember these things.

What to remember when using synthetic urine

Heating it up

gdghd4Natural urine is naturally warm to correspond with the normal body temperature. And so should be your synthetic urine. You must know the urine temp for drug test. The test lab expects you to hand in urine a few minutes after being issued with a sample tube. Well, since you did not buy the synthetic urine warm, there are various ways to do the initial heating. One, you can opt to use a microwave but cautiously as it can spoil the sample. And two is using the heating kits that come with the synthetic urine.

Keeping it warm

The greatest task which needs patience and determination is keeping it warm. However, most people prefer keeping it in constant contact with the body – which is the best anyway. However, this task can be challenging for most people and may end up in a mess. So, what other options do you have? Well, most companies have the heating pads which not only does the initial heating but also keeps the urine regulated at the recommended temperature. For urine needed within a short time, the use of hands to wrap around can also be effective.

Pouring it in fast

hdhdhd74One important thing to understand is that you brought the urine in your jar and you have to transfer it to the issued lab jar. This exercise can affect the urine results in a couple of ways if one does not take care. The pouring process must be fast and as near the tube as possible. Slow pouring and away from the jar will drastically lower the carefully maintained temperature. Also, contamination can affect the results. So, do a clean pour without much touching and outside pouring. You can use a clean tissue, and not baby wipes to clean any mess.


The above precautions are good but not through without one final tip; giving the urine one quick shake to create bubbles before handing it over to the lab guys. Of course, you must not be seen doing this. A careful use of the above tips will give you a pass in your test.



Important Things To Remember When Using Synthetic Urine